Special Professional Courses

Below are a few courses that students may choose to opt for after their graduation:

Who are we?

A Tailor-Made Programme (TMP) is a short-term, bespoke programme, offered across all key stages to support children and young people to maintain their engagement in education.  It is planned and overseen by specialist teachers and delivered by a teaching assistant (TA).

Children and young people are referred by the Inclusion Pathways Team (IPT) following permanent exclusion; by schools, as a means of avoiding permanent exclusion and through SEND, Virtual School or School Inclusion.



An MBA from one of the best universities has got an immense value today, and it resides amongst the world-class career choices of more than 40% of the graduates. You can select any of the MBA specialization courses; and some of the best universities offer lucrative courses such as HR, Finance and Marketing, and many more. Furthermore, their partnership with some of the best foreign Management universities also provides the most trustworthy global exposure for the highest management positions.

An MBA program offers a more distinct and broader scope for graduates to grow in. There are various core sectors covered in an MBA programme, comprising of Human Resources, Statistics, Technology and Information Systems, Economics, and Finance.


PGPM is a one-year-long management course. Although the fee for this program is quite high, it is most beneficial for candidates who are eager to finish their management program in a short period. It is a certificate program and not a degree.


list of professional courses after graduation mtech
Candidates who are finishing their education in B.Tech or Bachelor of Engineering can opt for this two-year program. On contrary to the courses specified above, which are both management programs, this is a technical course. It is primarily for candidates who aspire to specialize in their discipline.


As of now, event management is converting into an excellent choice for candidates who are aspiring to start their business enterprise and also for students who are seeking job openings after graduation. With productive pay packages, event management businesses appear to be picking up the demand now. Holding a certification in event management unquestionably gives you more comprehensive scope in this area. The duration of this program is 1 year, and it is a full-time course.

PGD in Hotel Management

If you desire to add seasoning to your life by truly working with seasonings, then you must opt for Hotel Management as this may get you one step further to your aspirations. Candidates from every kind of field qualify for this hotel management program. This program starts with elementary cutlery practice and then to management and hospitality. Several schools also offer internships for candidates desiring to obtain some real experience. The duration of this program is one year.

Certification in Finance and Accounts

This certification program administered by several putative colleges in India has been specially created for candidates who are studying B.Com. Furthermore, the period for this program is, just a few weeks and yes you read it right, it is merely for 4 weeks! This program gives awareness about various business methods and also finances leading. They will equip you with technologies that entered the market for more prominent productivity.

Business Accounting and Taxation

For commerce backdrop graduates who aspire to be a specialist in taxation and accounting, then this is one of the most suitable short-term programs after completing graduation in commerce. The program duration is about 90 days, the fee required is around INR 45,000. This course includes SAP module, accounting models, financial statements, workforce policies, etc.


This program is built primarily for small-sized enterprises. Experience in Tally will surely help commerce-based students to obtain a job. Additionally, the fee for the program is pretty inexpensive. Subjects like Billing, Accounting, Banking and Taxation, Payroll, etc. will be covered in this specific course. The duration of this course is merely three months.

PGDM in Finance

A PGDM in Finance prevails as the best option for several candidates who are fascinated about pursuing a career in the management of finances. For candidates who are not so interested in pursuing a 2-year long M. Com, PGDM Finance can be the most suitable alternative. Even though students of commerce are commonly perceived to be more engaged in choosing PGDM Finance, as they already have the necessary background, anyone with a proper interest in this area can pick it. Studying the full-time PGDM Finance program of 2 years is the fittest option for steering profitable job opportunities.


Even though this doesn’t fall under a diploma program, getting a graduation degree from a relevant area is not specifically a bad idea. Pursuing a Masters program in your particular domain adds high value and provides the chance of acting as an intern while you’re pursuing M.com. It improves your career choices and enhances your scope after graduation.

Management in Digital Marketing

list of professional courses after graduation digital marketing
In a period, where everything relies on the internet, beginning from ordering a pizza to searching for the accurate route or booking tickets. Digital Marketing has tremendous scope for people who are fascinated by marketing. As online shopping has become more substantial than life, people don’t go out anymore, exploring for things they want when they can receive it with a click. Everyone uses social media and spend their time online, so this can be an interesting career if you wish. Most companies are looking to hire graduates as the demand for digital marketing professionals is increasing.

Mobile App Development

Now everyone has a smartphone, you either use Android or IOS, and this pertains to both the young and old. Having such mobiles also implies that we are using multiple applications on our mobile phones for several purposes like food, music, fitness, work, travelling, etc. So, there are hundreds and thousands of applications that you can attain on your mobile device. By pursuing this program, you will gain knowledge to build top-notch and most reliable mobile applications.

Machine Learning

Many professionals foresee Artificial Intelligence to be the coming future. Whether it is a day to day life or digital set-up, machine learning and AI will eventually grow to be the major game-changer that you will encounter. Regular cars are converting into autonomous vehicles with the guidance of Artificial Intelligence. The forthcoming AI revolution is, being utilized for improvements in several areas such as insurance, media, banking, etc.

Experts say that we are not far away from being not able to distinguish between real or AI. Hence, this is a very nook subject that discovers several takers now, so you can undoubtedly consider it to pursue.